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An Android Tablet Application for Organists...

... developed by an organist for organists

Hands Free - Feet Free - Page Turns!

MicPageTurn was designed for Organists to...

  • Turn pages without the use of hands or feet
  • Turn to a previous page as well as a next page
  • Use annotatable digital files in place of paper scores
  • Provide for easy transport of an organist's music library on a tablet
  • Provide for the use of an enlarged display attached to a tablet
  • Use a standard Android tablet
  • Works with off-the-shelf Android based PDF Reader applications
  • Works with standard PDF files
  • Add, change or delete performance notations directly on the PDF files (features provided by most Reader apps)

Click here to view demonstration video

Download MicPageTurn from Google Play Store

Download the Free MicPageTurn Trial Version from Google Play Store


MicPageTurn is a product of Church Organs of Colorado for hands free and feet free page turns for organists.

Copyright © 2012  Church Organs of Colorado - Last update December 2, 2012